Easy Intermediary offers intermediary and legal services at reasonable price to any football player wishing to get one-off professional support to negotiate an employment agreement with a club, or legal advice relating to such agreement or to his/her football profession.


  • Negotiate the conclusion of an employment contract with a club
  • Review an employment agreement or any other legal document
  • Manage all the steps for your transfer to a new club
  • Receive legal advice relating to your football profession


  • Easy Intermediary ONLY represents players, never clubs
  • Support by a lawyer – 100% transparency, no conflict of interest
  • Legal depth at reasonable and attractive hourly rates
  • No remuneration on the transfer fee nor on the signing bonus

Players do not understand that their lives would be better – both financially and emotionally – if they paid a lawyer on an hourly basis to help them with their contracts

Alex Ferguson, Leading


Easy Intermediary offers its intermediary service at hourly rates calculated on the basis of the yearly basic gross income obtained for the player. The remuneration shall only be paid once the player’s employment agreement has been concluded with the club.

The rates, calculated in EUR, USD or CHF, are the following :

300.-/hour, for an income up to 150’000.-
400.-/hour, for an income from 150’001.- to 300’000.-
500.-/hour, for an income from 300’001.-

The currency applicable to the remuneration is the same as that one applicable to the player’s income. If this income is not expressed in EUR, USD or CHF, the player can choose one of these three currencies.

The same hourly rates apply to the other legal advice not concerning the negotiation of an employment agreement. These rates are calculated on the basis of the last yearly basic gross income of the player. An advance on fees may be requested.

Travelling expenses made necessary for the proper execution of the intermediary’s tasks are invoiced in addition. They are discussed beforehand with the player.


The remuneration system on an hourly basis is in most cases much more favourable for a player than a remuneration calculated as a percentage of the player’s income. See for yourself the advantages of a remuneration based on hourly rates :

Easy Intermediary obtains for the player a 2-year employment agreement with a club abroad including a yearly gross income of USD 100,000. The negotiation work of Easy Intermediary lasted 6 hours. Easy Intermediary’s remuneration amounts USD 1,800 (6 x USD 300), which corresponds to 0.9% of the player’s bacic gross income for the entire duration of the employment contract.

Easy Intermediary’s costs (USD 1,800) are 3x cheaper than the remuneration of an intermediary applying a 3% rate on the player’s basic gross income for the entire duration of the employment contract (USD 6,000).

Easy Intermediary conducts negotiation with a foreign club, for which the involvement of another intermediary based in the country of the club is necessary. The negotiation leads to the conclusion of a three-year employment agreement for the player, including a yearly gross income of EUR 250,000 and a signing bonus of EUR 50,000. Easy Intermediary spent 20 hours on this deal, the foreign partner 10 hours.

The remuneration (20 x EUR 400 : EUR 8,000) and travelling expenses (EUR 2,000) of Easy Intermediary amount EUR 10,000. The remuneration (10 x EUR 400 : EUR 4,000) and travelling expenses (EUR 1,000) of the second intermediary amount EUR 5,000.

The combined remunerations (EUR 15,000) of Easy Intermediary and of the second intermediary is 2,5x cheaper than the one of two intermediaries who would apply a global percentage of 5% (EUR 37,500). Moreover, no remuneration is paid on the signing bonus.

A player asks Easy Intermediary to verify the clauses of his employment agreement that he has negotiated himself with a club. This two-year agreement provides for a yearly gross income of USD 150,000 for the player. Easy Intermediary needs 3 hours for this job and charges it USD 900 (3 x USD 300) to the player. This amount includes the fees of a lawyer consulted by Easy Intermediary in the jurisdiction applicable to the employment agreement.

The remuneration of Easy Intermediary (USD 900) is 10x cheaper than that of an intermediary who would have intervened in negotiating the agreement with the club and would ask the player to pay 3% of his total gross salary (USD 9,000).